Family First Coaching, Be the Best Dad!

Using the Family First Coaching services will provide you with the tools and clarity to be the best dad and husband.  You’ll learn how to balance your life by putting your family first and basing all decisions off of their well being.  In the end, your goal of being the best dad will make you a better husband, father, more effective at work and more present at home with friends and family.

The initial coaching program is 8 sessions, meeting once every two weeks.  Following the 8 sessions, monthly maintenance sessions will be available to help keep you accountable to the goals you’ve set for yourself and your family.  Through coaching you will walk away with a clear idea of what you need to do to be the best dad.

With Family First Coaching, you will take away the following tools to help you be the best dad:

  • A clear vision of the dad you want to be and the family you want to have.
  • A set of family values to hold yourself and your family accountable to your family vision.
  • A daily routine that sets you up for success from the minute you wake until time for sleep.
  • Balance in your life at work and home by creating space in all areas of your life.

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