My mission is to help the busy dad focus on the most important aspect of their lives, their family.  I want to reverse the mindset that the family is flexible around work and play.  The family is the center of all decisions. Work and outside fun take a back seat and your decision making is focused on your family’s needs.  Hopefully with this approach, you’ll find a more fulfilling life and relationship with your wife and kids.

My Story

I am a father of two and have been married to my wife since 2000. We married following college, and had our first child a few years later. While I was always providing financially for my family, I was lacking in other areas. I didn’t have a full understanding of what it takes to be a dedicated father and husband.

Following the birth of our second child, 6 years later, I began to wake up to my mistakes. More teamwork was needed and I needed to be more involved at home. No longer was it good enough for me to pay the bills, I needed to be a presence and good model around the house. Even following this realization, I still had problems understanding my role in the family. I was pitching in and had cut out excess activities that took me away from home. I had worked my business to help support me and was able to be more of presence at home. But I still didn’t get it yet.
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Using a Family First coaching method, I help other dads navigate family and work balance by tipping the scales towards family.  Family First will provide a mindset that makes decisions clear for personal, family, health, financial and business.


Family First coaching method weighs decisions based on your family, not career or work.


You'll work from where you are (Current State) to where you want to be (Future State).


I'll walk you through the change from Current State to Future State and follow up on progress and maintenance.

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