Becoming a Balanced Leader

Being a balanced leader at work or at home is a big key in life.  I often feel pretty balanced, but there are times when I’m overwhelmed with my work schedule or home schedule.  Figuring out how to remain patient and calm during these times has proved difficult the past couple of years, but I think I’m heading in the right direction.

To be balanced, you have to have counter weights.  For most of us, being balanced is a work/life balance.  The fact is that sometimes one area requires more focus than the other.  It is helpful when I’m stressed over something at home, that my wife is able to help me through it.  I hope I provide the same support.  It is the same at work.  In stressful situations, it is good to have someone to help you out and carry some of the weight.

As a leader at home and at work, it is my responsibility to provide the calming advice and inspiring pep talk to help out others.  If they’re out of sorts, then it’s not going to help if I’m emotional or erratic.

Taking Care of Yourself

Remaining a balanced leader starts with taking care of yourself.  Emotionally, physically and spiritually you have to take the initiative to be at your best.  You have to figure out what works best for you to keep you balanced.  Sleep, exercise, reading, journaling are all activities that can help.

All of these items require some time and dedication.  You have to create space in your life to make time for these activities.  If you are not, you’re failing yourself and in the end will fail others.  Structure and systems create time for you to work on yourself and be the best leader you can be.  Good people and caring family members are the key to creating that structure.

I’ll review my current routine in the next blog post.  It has changed from the past and has seen some improvements.  The structure from my daily routine has created space for personal development and business development.  It has helped to create a little more balance in my life.