Commit to Yourself and See the Results

For the past 7 years I’ve slowly built momentum to get to where I’m at today.  I feel I’ve reached a place where I’m content but still driven and I know my priorities.  Why did it take so long?  I didn’t fully commit until the last 2 years.

I purchased a 50% stake of my business when I was 23 years old.  That’s buying in.  While failure was always an option, I had burned the boats and was committed to turning the business around and supporting my family through it.  That same commitment is what I was lacking in other aspects of my life.

Financially, I was setting money aside in a retirement plan, but not budgeting or planning for the future.  My physical health was a wreck due to the long hours committed to work.  Mentally I was a raging disaster; quick to explode on an employee.  My family life was good, but wasn’t where it needed to be.  I wasn’t an absentee father, but I can’t say I was fully bought-in to being a husband and father.

In order to avoid my mistakes and speed up any improvement, you have to “buy-in” to your change.  Get fully committed to making the improvements you want to see.

“Buy-in” and Commit to the Following:


Make sure you’re doing what you want to do.  If not, start looking elsewhere.  If you’re happy where you are, commit to adding more value to your company.  When you add value, it will be returned.  If it isn’t, then you know it’s time to look elsewhere.


Treat your household budget like a business.  Make sure your revenue (paycheck) out gains your expenses.  Use the net profit (remaining balance) for future experiences.  Get a financial advisor to walk you through future planning, (estate, life insurance, retirement, dream home, etc.)

Health and Fitness

Find what works for you and hammer away.  If you’re a lone wolf, make sure you’re getting in the main lifts of a program.  If you work with others, hold each other accountable.  Get your diet in order.  Make sure your diet fits your fitness goals.  Clean, healthy, nutrient rich foods to fuel your gains or cuts.


Commit to being a present husband and father.  Make sure your time at home is spent showing your wife and kids that they are the most important thing.  Forego some electronics time to have meaningful conversations with your wife or play time with your kids.


Make time in your day to work on your mind.  Use your commute for audiobooks or podcasts.  Pick up meditation and stick to it.  Use visualization to focus on the key aspects of your day.  Make the daily entries into your gratitude journal.


Understand what you believe.  If you’re committed to a religion, learn more about that religion.  If you’re still searching, put time into understanding a group of teachings and find what fits best.  What puts your heart at peace?  Find it and commit to it.

There are plenty of “life-hacks” out there to help productivity and effectiveness.  My best life-hack is to buy-in and commit.  You’ll see absolute and astounding results.  Now put a plan together and start attacking each area.  Burn the boats and advance.

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