Down 25 Pounds and Counting

I recently reached a point where I have now dropped 25 pounds in the past 3 months.  After years of hovering in the 235-245 range, I dropped below 220.  Here’s what I’ve done to get the results I wanted:

Whole Foods

I’ve pretty much cut out all processed foods in favor of nutrient rich whole foods.  This doesn’t mean I’ve gone granola, just making sure the majority of my meals include a protein and vegetables.  Other than a few items, everything I’m cooking for myself and my family comes from the outside aisles of the grocery store.  The Dolce Diet is a pretty good cookbook to get you started on this path.

As a family, we’re trying to cut out as much gluten as possible along with anything that has a long ingredient list.  If we can get local sources, we try our best along with trying to get our proteins from grass fed and cage free source.

Shorter Eating Window

I’ve condensed my eating window from 11:00am to 8:00pm with my largest meal at dinner.  I’m not sure about any science behind it, but I know that delaying my breakfast to after 11:00am keeps my mind clear.  I’ll snack on some fruit or nuts between breakfast and dinner.  Lunch isn’t really a part of my routine anymore.

To help get me to breakfast, I do enjoy a cup of coffee with a small dose of protein and a greens drink.  The greens are more for the vitamins and nutrients, but they are dense and filling.

Water, Water, Water

I used to not like water.  I thought it was a waste.  I would rather have a sweet tea any day.  Now I can’t get enough of it.  Each day I drink 4-6 32 ounce cups of water.  I’ve got stadium cups from Carolina Gamecocks football games that I use at work and home.  I’ll have a cup full at work before 10:30, then before 1:00 and before I leave around 5.  I’ll fill the cup before I leave and make sure to finish it before I get home.  At home I’ll usually have another cup or two.

80/20 Philosophy

Mark Devine uses this rule in his book Way of the Seal.  It basically states that you’re good 80% of the time and cheat like hell the other 20%.  I’m not looking for a six pack or veins.  I just want to be at a healthy weight and enjoy life.  80/20 works great for me.  I stick to my good eating habit through the work week and then on the weekend, I’ll have a day to go all out.  It’s a refeed to some people.  To me it’s just a day to relax and enjoy.

One warning:  The scale will climb the day after you cheat, but it will quickly drop the following days.

Find Something You Like

The best words of advice are to find something you like and make it work for you.  My dinners include chili, spaghetti and sauce, turkey burgers, and steaks.  Simple changes to cut down a little on portion size or to replace a baked potato with asparagus make a huge difference.  No matter, do not fall for fad and complicated diets.  Use something you can stick with and enjoy.  Drinking two shakes a day for a diet is not something that can last.  Get some real food in your system and enjoy.

If this post helped, please post a comment and pass it along to others.