Enjoy the Holidays, Don’t Just Get Through Them

As of today, we’ve got two weeks left in the holiday season.  The sprint to Christmas and New Year’s is on.  Have you gotten everything done?  Are the stockings hung by the chimney with care?  Did you find the gift your wife will enjoy and give you a big hug?  Did you manage to move the Elf around without getting caught by your kids?  How’s your Christmas tree look?

Here’s a big question: Are you enjoying the holidays, or are you just getting through them?

The holiday period, from Thanksgiving to New Years, seems like the fastest 6-7 weeks of the year.  Your to-do list grows with items to purchase, events to attend, people to see and you’ve got to cram it all in.  So are you really enjoying the holidays or are you just getting through them?

I would provide you with a “holiday survival guide”, or tell you to eliminate some of the excess from your holiday schedule.  But I don’t think that’s the answer.  I think you should try to cram it all in.  This is the one period each year where there’s a sense of urgency for friends, family and fellowship.  After the holidays are over, everyone starts chasing goals for 2016 and seeing friends and family is no longer urgent.

So while you’re cramming all of the festivities and fun in, make sure you do one thing: stay present.  Don’t look forward to the next event, the next day or the next hour.  Remind yourself you are where you want to be and that you’re choosing to be with friends and family.  You may not get this opportunity again until next year so enjoy it.

In short, enjoy the holidays, don’t just get through them.

In the comments post the one event that’s a “must” for you around the holidays.