Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and Be Grateful

Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy friends, family and reconnect.  Many people will be ready for the battles of Black Friday shopping and trying to hurry around.  Slow down and don’t forget the idea behind Thanksgiving is to be grateful for those you have and their health and well being.

Historians have different versions of who had the first Thanksgiving, and most of us were taught in school the Pilgrams were involved.  The fact is, many societies from Europeans to the Native Americans, held ceremonies to give thanks for a successful harvest.  Worrying about how to get the best Black Friday deal was not on their list.  Being grateful for each other and the health of their community was top billing.  Set aside this day for time with each other.  Worry about the discount shopping the next day.  Unplug from the internet, get away from all of the noise and enjoy the presence of others.  Key phrase is to “enjoy the presence of others”.

I’ll enjoy Thanksgiving with my wife, kids and her family in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  We’re lucky her aunt and uncle have a great piece of land to enjoy the outdoors.  We’ll fish with the kids and ride around the swamp and to the deer fields.  Maybe we’ll see a few wild animals on our ride.  If the weather permits, we’ll enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at a large picnic table outside and then roast smoars.  Later that night we’ll head to my parents’ house and spend the night with them.

"I am thankful for... for turkey and my sister."

“I am thankful… for turkey and my sister.”

I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to experience this time with my family.  We’re all busy throughout the year, but we’re given this one day to stop, slow down and be thankful for each other.  So no matter what your plans are for this Thanksgiving, hopefully you’ll slow down and take some time to be grateful and appreciative of who and what you have in your life.