Getting Back on the Path

You’re on the right path.  You’re taking the right steps to a happier and healthy life.  You’ve figured out the actions that lead to the results you want.  Next thing you know, you’re ignoring those actions.  You’re off the path.  You’re flat out lost.

This happens to everyone.  You’re not alone.  In my personal experience, little things will pull me off my right path.  Working an extra 15 minutes a day turns into 30 minutes and then maybe missing dinner.  Having a soda one day, turns into having one the next day and then a difficult habit to break.

Identify, Fix and Repeat

Identify – Identify that you have fallen back into bad habits.  Review what you were doing right and what replaced it.  Ask some clarifying questions.  What are the bad habits?  How did I fall into those habits?  What are the positive actions that can get you back on track?

Fix – Take the positive actions that lead to your best results.  Look through your list of bad habits.  Put in counter measures to keep you from falling into those bad habits.  Go back through your daily routines and make sure you’re creating time for the most important actions.

Repeat – Whenever you feel out of line, repeat the first two steps.  You’ll get better at noticing when you’re headed down the wrong path.  You’ll catch yourself sooner and be able to course correct with ease.  Just stick to it.

Life has a habit of getting in the way and adding chaos to an otherwise easy existence.  Don’t just go with the flow and allow that chaos to lead you down the wrong path.  Identify what’s wrong, fix it and then do it all over again.  The process will become easier over time.  You’ll catch yourself sooner and be able to course correct faster.  Instead of a full blown mess, you’ll be able to get out front and be proactive in getting back on your best path.