Small Choice Making a Big Impact

Recently, I was faced with the choice of working instead of attending a school event with my daughter.  It came at a time when I felt weak to say “no” to work.  However, I found the strength to stick to my commitment to my daughter and it was a great reminder why it’s so important to put family first.

My daughter has outdoor education at her middle school and fishing is in the curriculum.  They have practiced tying knots, prepping rods and reels and learning how to cast.  This all led up to them going to a pond and putting their skills to work.  Along with classmates, they were allowed to invite family members to participate.  I was invited.

Fishing is a big deal to me.  I grew up on ponds and on the river fishing with my Granddads and my dad.  I bonded with them through fishing and I learned many life lessons.  It’s an experience I want to pass on to my kids, so when I was asked to attend Olivia’s class, I couldn’t refuse.

This event was on a workday in the middle of the afternoon.  I needed to leave work at 1:00 to get to the pond on time.  While I have done a good job of creating space at work to fit in extra time for family, that day was difficult.  We’ve gone through a lot of transition and I felt the tug of staying at work.  Was I letting my crew down at work by leaving early?

It was a moment when I could have fallen on old habits and bailed on my daughter’s event.  “Too busy” at work.  Instead, I stuck to my family first commitment and put her ahead of work.  It’s a choice I’ll never regret.

Even if we only fished for a little over an hour, the time we spent together was priceless.  I was able to show to her and myself how important she was to me.  She mentioned in the truck that she had a great day.  I don’t know if she’ll ever understand how important the day was to me.

Take the time to choose your family over work whenever you have the option.  You can’t put a value on their worth.