My Three Keys to Life

The past five years have seen a huge change in my life.  I have gone from stressed out and struggling to relaxed with clarity.  While there are still times of stress and anxiety, I can now move past them faster due to clarity on three things.  By reminding myself to Trust God, Love Family and Work Hard, I can move on from setbacks faster than before.

1.  Trust God

Closest friends and family know I have struggled with this.  I’m an analyzer that takes comfort in control and planning.  Trusting in God takes effort for me.  I fought and questioned this concept until I finally gave in and began trusting.  How I came to this is a longer post for another day.  I find comfort in trusting that God wants the best for all of us.  During times of struggle, knowing he wants the best for us means that there is hope.  Good days will follow.  That’s comforting.

2.  Love Family

Without family, I would be a pretty lonely and stubborn guy.  I consider family as my blood relatives and also my closest friends.  Without my family, I would not have been challenged to grow.  I would not have had the resources to learn.  With family, you can learn from each other and take the best from one another.  My kids teach me patience on a regular basis.  My wife teaches me how to love and accept and to have fun.  My friends allow me to act like a juvenile (very helpful when you’re buttoned up most days).  My parents and sibling gave me a foundation to grow, a start to be successful, and continued support.

3.  Work Hard

Commitment and putting in hard, focused work is fulfilling.  Whenever my back has been against the wall, I press forward and work hard.  This is in your personal life as well as business.  Work hard on the positive habits that will make you a better father and leader.  Knowing you’ve got the reserves and ability to do hard work, gives you the confidence to take on any obstacle.

Simple Keys to Keep You Focused

These are simple keys to help you through tough times and to help good times last longer.  They’re in order for a reason.  Without trust in God, all else fails.  Without loving your family, what’s the point of working hard.  Without a good work ethic, your growth will be stunted.

Next time you are in doubt, take a look at these three keys.  You’re probably neglecting one of them.  Refocus, Trust God, Love Family and Work Hard.

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