Effects of Scheduling Your Life

Operating your life can be compared to scheduling a piece of equipment. We would always like to run equipment at 100% capacity without any downtime. However, without scheduling in routine maintenance or running at optimal levels, you can have failures.

This occurred to me over the past month. I ran a little too hard and sure enough, I got run down. After a trip to visit friends, I did not schedule any time to recover. I went straight into a week that was overbooked with work and social interaction. The travel and fun caught up to me and it took me another two weeks to get back to my normal self.

Everyone is different in how they react to events. Some people need something going on all the time and thrive from it. For me, I do best with a set schedule that’s limited and allows personal time for me to recharge. After periods of being active and social, I just want to be left alone. When I don’t put that time in place, I’m not at my best.

Recovery is Not Neglect

Scheduling recovery time is not a bad thing. You’re not neglecting your family or business by taking some time to recharge your batteries. You want to be your best self for them and that takes some preventative maintenance. Figure out what works the best for you. Then don’t over schedule yourself or you’ll end up in the shop for repairs.