Sticking to A Plan

Sticking to a plan has been a key to my self-improvement.  Sometimes it’s not the right plan, but you have to give it time to make sure it’s the wrong plan.  Jumping from one thing to the next only leads to frustration and a lack of results.  If you can stick to a plan for 2-3 months, then you can find the tweaks to make it better.

Over the past couple of years, I have been pretty consistent with my morning routine and it has provided great benefits.  I don’t always stick to the exact same routine and over time, I have added or taken away items that I did not think had the same impact.  The most important thing was giving it time.  I didn’t scrap my routine after a couple of weeks and try something brand new.  I stuck to my wake up time and my routine for months before I began making small changes.

My diet is the one area that I’ll get lost in the clutter of information.  I’ve lost close to 50 pounds over the past 4 years by making better choices.  I feel like that 50 was easy and a given: drinking less beer and eating less fried food.  Now I want to fine tune my diet to get into optimal shape.  That’s where I’m getting lost in the information.

Gluten-free, Bulletproof, Whole 30, and on and on.

There are so many options in the diet universe, that it’s easy to get lost.  You can start on one and then hear about the benefits of another.  Then you switch.  Do you just count your “macros” or do you make your macros count for you?  Is gluten bad for you or are you just a wimp?  Eat the yolk or have heart failure?

For every benefit of a one diet, another diet will tell you it’s bad.  I don’t have the answers.  Other than to stick to a diet to see if it works.  Pick one, see it through for 3 months (unless you are completely miserable in 3 weeks) and then decide.  You can stick with the diet, add to it a little, or scrap it try something new.

In the end, you want to pick something you can stick with over a long period of time.  You also have plenty of time to figure it out.  Where you are today is not where you will be in a few years.  It takes time and consistent effort.