Make Sure Your Goals Have Purpose

A goal without a purpose is just a reason to check off a box.  What is the point of setting goals for yourself if you do not have a want to achieve them?  With purpose, goals become a powerful tool and a purposeful goal will keep you focused until you can reach it.

I posted about consistency being the key to achievement.  Putting in consistent work will lead you to what you want to achieve.  How do you know if what you’re working towards is what you really want?  Your goal had better have a purpose to it, or you’ll fail to reach any goals.

I can look back over this year and in my past.  When I didn’t have a goal with purpose, I don’t think I ever achieved success.  I only worked to check off a box.  Even then, I may not complete the work to get the goal checked off.

Something has to drive you to wake up every morning and put in the work.  There has to be a purpose to what you are doing and what you want to achieve.  Without purpose, you’re just heading into work or home and taking up space.  You’re just showing up because it’s what’s expected.

Purpose Equals Drive

With a purpose, you show up to work or home with excitement.  I can honestly say I’m excited to head into work each day.  I could not say that in the past.  While there are bumps along the way, my excitement for work does not falter because I believe in what we are trying to accomplish and the process to accomplish our goals.

What’s the purpose behind your goals?  If you don’t know, you may be putting in undo work.  You’re climbing the ladder that’s leaned against the wrong wall.  Before putting anymore effort into climbing the ladder, take a break.  Define why you’re climbing that ladder.  If you find out it’s the wrong wall, then figure out which wall to lean it against and get back to climbing.  Just make sure you’ve got a purpose before you start the climb.