Putting 2016 in the Rearview

Goodbye to 2016 and hello 2017.  Last year was full of some unexpected change.  While it was not a bad change, it forced me to change my focus in the middle of the year and re-evaluate.

In April of last year my business partner of 15 years decided he was leaving the business.  When he notified me of his decision, I immediately knew I would buy him out.  While a little bit of doubt creeped in, I was positive that this would be a good move.  I had faith in the people and our brands.

However, this changed my focus from the coaching and mentoring that I had begun.  I know I can’t be fully committed to growing our apparel business while trying to build the coaching business.  So you’ll see some changes and have noticed some changes in my posts.

While I’m still committed to a positive work/life balance and being the best dad I can be, I now have even more responsibility at work.  You’ll see a change from more home life, dad focused stuff towards a focus on maintaining a good balance with work and home while growing the business.  There will be more posts about productivity and creating a healthy and safe work environment.

I’ll basically be writing about things that have helped me be more productive at work in order to be available at home.  I’ll also be writing about carrying work ideas into the home and home ideas into work.

Through this year, the scope of my posts should become more focused and clear.  It’s going to take some time while I figure out the best way to add value.  I’ll keep posting until I figure it out and I hope you’ll keep reading.  In the end, the goal of this blog has always been to add value to your life and that has not changed.