The Vision Series Part 2: Create Your Values

Last week, we started a series on creating your vision.  If you have not read last week’s blog post, please check it out and then return to this one.  This week, we’ll build on the vision that was created and add our values to it.  

Through the vision exercises from last week, you were able to see yourself in a future state.  Your future state is the person you want to be for yourself and your family.  Now it’s time to lay down a foundation to help you achieve that vision.  It all starts with your values.  Your personal values are a set of words or statements that remind you of the person you want to be.  Your values help to answer any questions you have about achieving your vision.  They hold you accountable to your choices and provide the positive support you need to achieve your future state.

Here’s a snippet from the Set Your Vision course offered to subscribers of the site.  It will help walk you through creating your values.

Set Your Values

If you took the time to visualize and feel where you want to be in the next 6 months and next 5 years, you can start to add to your personal values.  You walked into these first exercises with values.  They may not be down on paper, but you’ve got a set of morals and values you try to adhere to.  Think about these and write them down.  Now look back at your visualizations and add to these values.  The new values you’re adding should be guiding principles that will help direct you towards your vision.  

Examples:  In my visualization, I was fit and healthy.  My added value was “Take Care of Your Body With Nutritious Food and Exercise”.  My bank account was healthy.  My added value was “Be Smart with Money and Value What You Have”.

List out 6-8 guiding values that will lead you to your vision.  Once you’ve created a list of values, review them with your wife.  Make sure you’re on the same page.  Add to the list if you need.  This is a great way to get both of you on the same page for raising the kids and setting yourselves up for future career and relationship success.

In the snippet, I gave you a couple of personal examples that have helped me.  I went ahead and took this exercise to my wife and we created a set of family values.  Our family values help us to achieve the vision of who we want to be as people and as a family.  They also provide a map for our children as they navigate the challenges of growing up and going to school.  Here are my family values:

Koss Family Values

1.  Keep God’s Teachings in Your Life

  • Obey the 10 Commandments.
  • Remember there is a greater purpose in your life.

2.  Respect Others

  • Use your manners and say sir and ma’am.
  • Put others ahead of yourself.
  • Treat everyone as you like to be treated.
  • Remember to act and not react.

3.  Always Continue to Improve Your Education

  • Be your best in school and in your studies.
  • Put in the extra effort to make the best grade possible.
  • Knowledge is the key to success.

4.  Be Clean and Organized

  • Keep up with your responsibilities.
  • Put items back better than how you found them.
  • Practice good hygiene and cleanliness.

5.  Take Care of Your Body with Food and Activity

  • Be active in athletics and other activities.
  • Fuel your body with good nutrition.

6.  Be Smart with Money and Value What You Have

  • What you have was hard earned so don’t take it for granted.
  • Enjoy your profits, but don’t overextend your finances.
  • Put away money for times of need.

Our family values are framed and posted in every bedroom and public area.  We are all accountable to the family values and review them on a regular basis.  When the kids make a mistake, we use that mistake as a chance to re-enforce our set of values.  Our family values are a teaching aid, a road map and a foundation to help us all reach the vision of who we want to be.

We’ve got the vision down.  We’ve added the foundation for the vision with our values.  Next week we’ll go over creating the perfect day.