2016 Goals and Your Roadmap to Success

Last week I disclosed my set of goals for 2015 and what went right and what I didn’t accomplish.  This week’s post is about goals that I have set for 2016 and how I plan to reach them.

2015 was a very successful year for me.  I achieved more than I thought I could and really felt the benefits of what I was trying to accomplish.  While I didn’t hit every goal, the positive experience of going through the goal setting process and the results, led me to create another set for 2016.  I’m a believer in goal setting, measuring results and finding opportunities to improve on the results to reach my goals.

The theme of last year was to work on myself.  This year’s theme is to improve on what has worked and pass that on to my family and to other dads.  Here’s my list:

2016 Goals

  • Read or listen to 12 books on personal development.
  • Have monthly meetings with Meredith over our family finances.
  • Keep track of the family budget.
  • Get my weight to 190 pounds.
  • Conduct 6 informative interviews.
  • Read or listen to 6 business development books.
  • Grow my subscriber list to 500 people.
  • Launch 2 online classes for ease of access for dads.
  • Start a Facebook group for dads.
  • Provide 12 free webinars.

In order to reach these goals, I have planned out my year and have monthly goals to aid as milestones to know I’m on the right track.  For example, each month I’ve got a goal of meeting with Meredith over finances.  This falls in line with my yearly goals and reminds me to have that meeting.  I’ll set goal weights each month that will guide me to my end of year weight of 190 pounds.  I can break everything down to have a due date and these dates will help me reach the end of year with my goals accomplished.

Your Roadmap to Success

This is a process that works for me and I feel like it can work for you.  By writing down your goals, your intentions, your resolution, you can then work back and achieve the desired result.  Not everyone is a planner, and I can say I was never much of a planner, but if you want to see results, you need a plan.  The plan is your roadmap that will lead you to being a better husband, father and person.

Your goals and your plan to reach those goals allow you to make decisions based on what you want and not what others want for you.  They allow you to meet your family vision, your family values and be the best dad you can be.

What are your goals for 2016?

Go ahead and write down your goals for the year and map them out over the next 12 months.  If you’re looking for a challenge and accoutability, e-mail them to me and I’ll check in with you each month to see what you’ve accomplished.