6 Fun Ways to Connect With Your Kids

Sometimes the grind of work or other obligations can take you away from your family.  You’ve lost focus on them, but have realized it and need to get back to being dad.  Connecting with them is not difficult.  They love you no matter what and are ready to play at a moment’s notice.  Here are a six ways to reconnect with the kids when you’ve veered off course.

1.  Get Outside and Play

Grab your baseball glove or football and get outside with the kids.  My 11-year old daughter isn’t in organized sports, but she loves to throw the baseball or football.  My 5-year old son loves to chase around and tackle me or get tackled.  We can all get outside and play together.  You know what your kids like to play outside so get out there with them.  You can play tag, wrestle, build forts.  Just use your imagination and get outside.

2.  Game Nights

After dinner, break out the board games or a deck of cards.  Candyland is more fun than Candy Crush.  You get to interact with your kids and teach them some lessons.  The competition is good for them and will help them with problem solving.

3.  Movie Nights

Pick out a movie from your childhood and get the kids with you to watch.  In return, plan another night to watch one of their favorite movies.  You’ve got endless options through the Internet or Internet TV.  Take the time to make some popcorn and settle in for a viewing.  Even in silence, the time spent together is quality time.  They get to see something from your past and you get to keep up with what they’re watching in the present.

4.  Cooking or Baking

What’s better than cooking or baking for kids?  They get to make a mess, break things and create things.  Lead your kids in preparing a meal.  They’ll get a sense of satisfaction providing for the family.  Let them bake a cake or some cookies from scratch.  You can get a recipe on-line and just follow the instructions.  If you don’t know how to cook or bake, you can learn together with your kids.

5.  Video Games

Keep up with what your kids are playing.  We had an Atari when I was growing up and my dad dominated.  The minute Nintendo released their console and added a button, my dad was lost.  Kids are going to play video games.  It’s best that you keep up with the technology and join them.  Multi-player games are my favorite because we can work together to get through levels.

6.  Take a Quick Trip

Take a weekend and get away with your family.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Pick an area within 2 hours drive, pack up the car and head out.  You don’t need to plan the trip, just figure it out on the way.  When you get to your destination, let the kids pick out the place to stay.  Then see what’s available in the area for food and fun and provide them with the options.  Follow the kids lead and let them take the responsibility to plan out the rest of the trip.

These are some great options to connect with the kids.  You can use the following attachment as a check off list.  It’s got options under each category.  Try them all out if you can or let the kids choose what to do.  Connect With Your Kids