Attract Others That Can Help You Be Your Best

You attract what you put out into the world.  To me, this is the Law of Attraction.  Look around you and take into account your job, your family, your health, your finances, your happiness.  They all come from a return on what you have put into the world.

Many people associate the “Law of Attraction” with the book “The Secret”.  The basics behind The Secret is that if you visualize and want something, then the universe will provide it for you.  You will begin to set in motion the events that will lead you to your desired outcome and in the end it will be provided.  Some people watch the movie or read the book and come away unimpressed.  It leaves out the actions that you have to take in order to attract what you want.  You can’t just sit around wishing to have something and not put forth any action in order to get it.

The best check for what you attract in your life comes from the people around you.  Who have you attracted into your life and what are they bringing to you?

You’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  If you want to make a quick change, change the 5 people you’re hanging with.  The only problem is that they are a reflection of you as well.  If you think they’re holding you back, you attracted them to yourself.  It was your personality, character and values that brought those 5 people to you.  In order to find a new 5 that will benefit you, you’ve got to change first.

Only after committing to a personal change (good or bad) will you find a set of people to help you.  They could be the same 5, but because of your influence and leadership, they begin to adopt your values and support your beliefs.  This can go both ways.  When we talk about change, it’s usually towards a positive change.  However, if you fall into a negative rut and create bad habits, you’ll attract people with the same bad habits or infect those around you with those bad habits.

I can look at the history of my manufacturing business and see where my growth as an indiviual has helped change the culture of my company.  We have gone from a business lacking values and creating chaos to a value driven, stable organization.

It hasn’t been easy and it’s difficult to break the bad habits of the past.  We had attracted people that could “game” the systems.  When the company began to change and values and accountability were introduced, the light was shown on them.  They either had to change or leave.  In return, we attracted a new set of employees with new ideas and positive mindsets.  They were not looking for what was in it for them, but how to help the collective group.

It was freeing and empowering for everyone involved that wanted to see a positive change.  Past employees who made the change with us have benefited from our change and we have benefited from them sticking it out.  Our change in culture and mindset attracted the necessary people to effect change and now we’re back on the right path and seeing growth in our company.

Take a look at your life and who’s in it.  Are they contributing to the good habits in your life or are they bringing you down?  Take a look at yourself.  Are you contributing to others good habits or are you bringing them down?  Change your mindset and see what and whom you attract.