Phone Free (After Dinner) For Lent

Every year, Lent provides an opportunity to give up something or add something for the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.  To me, it’s a little better than a New Year’s resolution, because you’ve got God as an accountability partner.

I’ve been pretty good about cell phone use over the years, but I’ve found myself grabbing for the phone without cause and just pressing buttons.  So this year, I’m giving up phone use after dinner for Lent.  It’s not going to be difficult, it’s setting a precedent that I need to be more present when I’m at home.  I don’t need the outside distracting me while I’m trying to focus on family.

No Use After Dinner

My goal is to put my phone in our bedroom and on charge before dinner and leave it until the next morning.  I will not be tempted to pick it up and just check and see if something has changed in the past 5 minutes.  I’ll be able to relax and unwind with my family.  I’ll be able to focus on my wife and kids.  I’ll be able to “shut it off” following a day of work.

If this goes as well as I think it will, then it may become a habit going forward.  I gave up Facebook for 5 years only to get back on it to help promote this blog and network with actual colleagues.  I’ve been able to keep my Facebook use limited to that and I expect taking the same business stance with my phone will work.  It’s a tool for communication and business, but it doesn’t mean I have to be open for business 24/7.

Following Easter, I’ll post about the results.  I’m already a few days into it and I’m more relaxed around the house.  I think I already know and should know the answer, but it will be nice to confirm it.