Tips to Get Your Child Through Their First Week of School

My son started kindergarten this past week and while I thought it may be a challenge, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be.


First Day Excitement

Here are a few tips to help ease yourself into a new school year.  I can’t really take credit for these since my wife had to coach me through this ordeal:

  1. Communicate with the Teacher:  Don’t assume they know the problems your child is having with the new environment. Let the teacher know your child needs help acclimating.
  2. Have a Clear Plan:   When dropping your child off, have a clear plan and let your child know the plan. Do your best to make it clear and go through each step.
  3. Your Child Will Be Okay:  Once you drop them off and turn to leave, know that they’ll be okay.
  4. Re-Evaluate Your Plan:  If something in your plan did not work, re-evaluate it and adjust. Your child’s reaction to being at school may change from day-to-day, so be flexible with your plan.
  5. Remember It’s About Them:  Don’t get caught up in thinking that you’re embarrassed that your child is crying and clutching to your leg in front of the other kids and adults.  It’s about helping them and not about what you look like.  This thought crossed my mind the first day my son clung to my leg.  I had to quickly remind myself.
  6. Be Patient:  It may take longer than you want for your child to acclimate to their new school, but make sure you take whatever time is needed.

I have watched my son’s confidence grow through the week.  He’s gone from scared and fragile to excited and brave.  A new week may throw him off a little, but I know soon enough he’ll be able to handle this on his own.

Please post your experience or advice in the comments section. Every little tip and trick helps.