Consistency is the Key

Consistency is the key to continual improvement.  That’s simple enough.  Stick to a plan and over time, the benefits will begin to show and improvement will multiply.

When this year began, I had some big plans for this site and moving into the coaching realm.  You can refer back to some of my goals and see that I’ve failed to achieve them or I’m not on schedule to make it happen.  So what happened?  Life interfered, I got distracted and didn’t put in the consistent work to get the goals accomplished.

That has to sound familiar.  How many times have you looked back over a period of time and wondered what would be different if you had stuck to the workout plan or stuck to a diet.  Maybe read every day for 15 minutes or got in 2 blog posts per month…

That’s the boat I’m in right now.  While I’ve been consistent in many phases of my life, I’ve lacked consistency in others.  This blog is one of them.  I’m committed to this blog, but I’m not as committed as I am to my other business.  Earlier this year, my business partner of 15 years, left the business and this blog was put on the back burner.  However, looking back, if I had just been consistent with writing for 15 minutes a day or posting 2 blog posts per month, there would be more useful content for readers.

Constant Effort Produces “Overnight Success”

Success is not always about who has the best idea or the most money.  It’s always about bringing constant effort and showing up each day.  Overnight success is not realistic.  It’s always years in the making.

When looking back over your goals for the past year, did you fail to meet them because they were too difficult or because you didn’t put in the constant work to meet them?  I would bet it’s the latter.  Pick out a goal or area in your life you want to begin to fix.  Make sure it’s one with purpose that you’re passionate about it.  It will not get fixed overnight, but I can guarantee with consistent focus over time, you’ll see results.