Ask Yourself, “What Matters Most?”

What matters most?  That’s the question we’ve had to answer and the guiding principle in our strategic planning at work.  It’s a pretty simple question to answer, but we forget to ask it too often.

In 2015, our business had another large growth spurt.  We had launched a new and successful line of shirts and grown our customer base.  We were in a constant state of putting out fires and catching up.  That’s when I decided we needed help and a structured form of planning.  We committed to bringing in help and putting together a strategic plan for 2016.

In our strategic planning sessions, we were challenged to answer many questions, but the over-arching question was, “What Matters Most?”  The answer to this question would guide us and our strategic plan for the next 6 months.

In the case of the business, “what matters most” is building a foundation for future growth.  We say “getting it right”.  When we reach our 2016 goals, we’ll focus towards 2017.  We already know “what matters most” will be focused around “doing things right”.

The Benefits of a Simple Question

Our strategic plan and following the question “what matters most” has been successful in guiding the business in the right direction.  It’s helped in decision making and helped to keep everyone focused.  We’re all held accountable and we’re all measured by the plan.  With everyone pulling in the same direction, we’ve increased revenue again with less resources.

So “what matters most” to you?  How can this question help your personal life?  How can it help you be a better dad?  Even without a structured plan, just asking the question can point you in the right direction.  When presented with choices and opportunities, ask yourself, “what matters most?”  The answer to that question will keep you focused and simplify your life.